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Interactive Activities to Step-Up Your Virtual Event

With virtual experiences becoming more common as a solution for reduced gatherings and to accommodate attendees living globally, the demand for engaging interactive content has skyrocketed. From digital board retreats to annual employee recognition programs, everyone is searching for a unique component to activate their online event that will create unity and levity.

We’ve developed some primary categories of interactive activities to consider when developing your program. An experienced planner can be useful in executing these tactics as they will have experience with technology quirks, the ability to manage any physical items being offered to attendees, and access to magnetic emcees and performers to enhance the implementation.

Food & Beverage

Hands-on culinary experiences can be informative and/or playful. Consider a topic that expands the skills of an at-home cook like French macarons or homemade mozzarella. Or introduce a Hollywood spin by sourcing a celebrity chef to lead the group through his world-famous meatball marinara.

Don’t forget the drinks! A wine & cheese tasting can be elegant and robust for the palate while requiring little work from your guests. Or invite in the flips, shakes and tricks of an expert mixologist to lead a fancy-schmancy craft cocktail class.


If you have a group that needs a project to express their creativity or want to provide an activity that gives them a sense of completion, a DIY or Craft related project is the right fit - macrame wall hangings, wood bird houses, succulent planters and so much more. Inspiring instructors make a huge different here in providing easy-to-follow instructions and evoking creativity.

Classic Games

You can’t go wrong with taking a digital twist on a classic! Company related trivia, Family Feud and bingo games allow for play along in the Chat. Or get the audience more involved by creating an at-home scavenger hat, challenging guests to find a variation of a pre-determined themed items in their house to include in their screen. Imagine a group of 100 people all wearing different types of Hats and Something Pink and Something Wild!

Personality Games

If you are looking for a game that allows the group to connect more over personal shares, try 2 Truths & A Lie, True or False or Most Used Emojis where attendees try to guess the 5 most used emojis of the person in the Hot Seat.

Breakout Group Games

For larger groups, small group game formats can emphasize collaboration in low-stake situations. Split everyone into breakout rooms and ask each group to collectively outline a single shared Last Meal or the only 3 things they would have stranded on a deserted island.

You can add an industry-related spin on this, and assign a company related project in a rapid fire manner. For example, an architecture firm’s virtual holiday party could send one person in each group a gingerbread kit. Others in the group come up with a theme and sketch then instruct the builder how to execute in a 1 hour time frame. The builder is not allowed to direct design.


Get your guests excited early for your digital event by challenging them to participate in a Lip Sync or Talent Show. Depending on your size, you might need to limit participation or hold pre-event elimination rounds so only your top contenders get the spotlight on the big day. Allow the group to vote in the Chat using a Polling integration or appoint a panel of judges to critique every performance.

Make this a team-building exercise by pre-assigning small groups to come up with the content for their entry, practicing in advance and performing on-screen simultaneously from their own remote locations.

Music Based

Music always brings the energy and what better than a live dueling pianos performance! Guests can request songs in the chat and the charismatic performers roll through the call outs while engaging back with attendees.

A more simplified variation would be Name That Tune giving guests the opportunity to guess in the chat and win prizes.


Encourage an environmentally-friendly component with a green and clean DIY focus - shibori dyed cloth napkins to limit single use paper waste or non-toxic cleaning product made from household items.


Turn your focus to personal and professional wellness with a short workshop on clarifying desires and goal-setting, or productivity and micro-habit implementation. A professional coach can tailor a class to focus on personal or professional development or a mix of both and will leave every guest feeling ready to conquer their future.

A virtual experience doesn’t have to mean there is no physical component. Many of the suggestions mentioned above would benefit from (or require) a component being shipped, delivered or picked up by attendees. We think this is your opportunity to really make a special impact on your guests. Creating branded kits tailored to the experience provide a material element to a distanced event that brings a touch of humanity back to these moments.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jenna Thompson

Jenna is a mountain based Yogi with a love for veggie focused foods. When she's not in Warrior Pose you can find her spending time with her Avalanche Rescue Dog Luna with a Matcha Latte in hand!


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