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Slay your 1st Day as an Event Planner with these 5 Things

Have you ever started a new job and spent your first day at work realizing you weren’t prepared enough? Not anymore you won’t! We came up with the 5 things you’ll need on your first day working in event planning to impress your boss and slay the game!

1. A Planner

You’d think this is a no brainer. To have a planner for an event planning job but there I was, first day as an Event Assistant and boy was I mortified when I was thrown into my first Monday Morning ‘To-Do List’ meeting and everyone had their planners filled with important notes and due dates while I had a piece of recycled paper. It’s a mistake anyone can make!

Planners are the KEY to your work life because it has everything important from meeting reminders to deadlines to little notes that remind you to call the printer guy and ask when the posters will be ready for pick up.

Tip: Target has some great affordable options for planners! If you prefer digital over a physical planner, get yourself familiar with iCloud Calendar or Google Calendar!

2. An Open Mind

Going in, if you think you have an idea of what your job responsibilities will be, you have about 1/3 of it down. The other 2/3 of your job will pop up as they come along as the event industry is constantly moving and changing. That is why you need to have an open mind with a ready-to-learn attitude!

Event planners need to have a positive attitude with a team-player mentality so be prepared to wear some different hats. Be flexible and you might find yourself going from running the event to strapping on an apron to bus tables because the bussers went missing!

3. An Outfit that Works from Board Room to Streets

While you will spend a good amount of your time at your computer (or desk), in a second that could change. In a second you could be like Jenna (Our Director of Operations), on HER first day, running around the Gaslamp Quarter in her new Bebe pencil skirt and 4-inch snakeskin pumps. So dress to impress, but also make sure that you’re comfortable. It never hurts to throw in a pair of sneakers in your car JUST in case something pops up!

4. An Up-To-Date Phone

It’s the 21st century, get a smart phone. Everything is mobile now so you can’t walk into an event planning office with a flip phone. You are literally ON CALL so you’ll be using your phone more than you think.

Especially on the day of an event, you need to be on-site, ready to help whoever and have all the apps and software that will make the day go by easier. Trust me, you’re helping yourself at the end of the day!

5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Like I said earlier, the majority of your work hours will be sitting at a desk, looking at your computer screen. This can really hurt your eyes and can affect them in not-so-fun ways.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses filter the ‘high-energy blue light’ coming from digital screens that prevent eye strain and blurry vision. I find it so much easier to look at my computer screen with these bad boys on and plus side, they’re cute and fashionable!

Tip: Warby Parker and Teddith have some great options!



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